Reading Rather Than Writing

It would appear my great attempt at blogging here has fizzled again.   I tend to do more reading now than writing. Not sure when I’ll be back. It could be tomorrow or never. Regardless I thought I’d leave you  with a few places I read that you may never have heard of. Stop by, you never know….you might gain a new perspective, a new friend or a new place to procrastinate.  TTFN! ( so many talking/thinking points found in many of his essays) ( go through the archives) ( long time Dd/D/s er ) ( newer to the Dd portion but not the D/s bedroom part) ( I could listen to her talk in her videos all day)

8 thoughts on “Reading Rather Than Writing

  1. Hi Evelyn … You’ve gotta feel it before you can do it …. I have a vanilla blog I haven’t written in for 3 yrs. However I’ve left it up just in case inspiration strikes again. Inspiration may come your way again as well … and thanks for mention 🙂 … nj


  2. Is it wrong? Absolutely not. Its that kind of quirky sense of humor I find appealing.

    I’ll take your recommendation under advisement, thanks. Hopefully you won’t be gone very long. Cheers!


      • Thanks, I’ve already been there, digging through her archives as well as some other ones she follows. Thanks for letting me know you’re snorkeling through mine. Kinda what it’s there for, right? At least when it’s up and running, which hasn’t been much lately. Web hosts can be frustrating! Anyway, thanks for replying. Comment when you have the time. Look forward to it.

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