About Us

We’ve been around here and there for quite a few years.  Once upon I time I even had a blog, though my readers are pretty much long gone now.  I decided to take another stab at this via wordpress ( still learning the ins and outs of this format).

‘Important” Info on us?

I brought D/s to Reed, my husband now of over 2 decades via the Dd platform.

We still practice Dd ( unfortunately for me ) however our primary focus is dominance and submission outside of that context.

I was drawn to submission, but honestly didn’t realize who I was until a few years into this.  Reed is instinctively dominant but not naturally.  What I mean to say by that last statement is there are times he talks himself out of what he wants to do.  This issue has popped up time and time again in our life, sometimes on a circuit of weeks at a time.  Growth, and acceptance can take too damn long at times! lol

Last year my husband discovered, (though many friends already knew) he had a sadistic side.  He ventured into it a bit, but currently has put that activity on the back burner ( yeah right- let’s say experimenting with NEW things on the back burner).

We have a few ‘kids’ that do and don’t live at home, which can be a challenge but Reed is generally good at working around that now 😉